We Bring The Treatment To You

Do You Suffer from Psoriasis?

Are you one of the many frustrated people across the country who cant get access to UVB treatment or find attending your local hospital and fitting it into your busy schedule too time restricting.

Anytime Brings The Treatment to You

Psoriasis light therapy is now considered as one of the most effect treatments of psoriasis and is recommended by most doctors. Anytme Sunbeds can now provide a light unit containing psoriasis lamps, known as UVB Narrowband to use in the comfort of your own home. Our units contain Narrowband TL-01 lamps, the same lamps as used in hospitals to treat psoriasis and other skin conditions all over the world.

9 Lamp UVB Narrowband Phototherapy Unit

From £27.00 per week*

Fitted with Philips TL01 tubes – used in hospitals worldwide


Product Description


  • Full length narrow band tubes Philips TL01 100w UVB 311nm – high UVB (17.7 UVB irradiance at the skins surface)
  • Modern curved UPVC design for maximum coverage.
  • Twin safety timers fitted as standard.
  • Can be used whilst laying on your own bed or if preferred standing.
  • Acrylic safety screen.
  • Cooled by high capacity fans to ensure an even temperature for comfort and efficiency.
  • Skin classification, Instructions and all relevant guidelines fitted to each light unit.

Setup Requirements

  • 1 plug socket
  • Space  required – 1900mm x 685mm – Folds away upright

*From prices based on an 8 week hire



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