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Pre holiday tan book it with confidence

The holiday is booked and the countdown begins to your two week summer break. You have worked hard all year and are looking forward to putting your feet up and relaxing in the sun. In preparation you decide to book your pre holiday tan. You don’t  want the hassle of visiting a salon every couple of days, finding a parking space and waiting in a queue. You decide to scour the internet and look for a sunbed company to deliver you a home hire sunbed.

Four weeks before you go on holiday your sunbed arrives and wait at minute…… HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT……. that’s not the sunbed you booked….. it looks nothing like the picture you saw on the internet and wouldn’t look out of place in an 18th Century torture chamber.

This is an all to familiar story and very easily avoidable. There are a lot of very good sunbed companies out there but there are also ones you want to avoid. To ensure you are not left hugely disappointed follow the checklist below to ensure you start your summer break with a pre holiday tan that you deserve and a pre holiday tan you can be proud of.
1/ Look for a sunbed company in your area. Unfortunately with the power of Google companies can appear to be located in your city / county but in fact are actually in another part of the country. If anything should go wrong such as a bulb blowing, how responsive are they going to be changing your bulb when they are not going to be in your area for a while. Dig a little deeper and see where their head office is and whether they truly are a local company.
2/ Enquire if the sunbed you have seen on their website (ie Black Shadow etc ) will be the bed you are going to receive. This will stand you in good stead if something other than the bed you have ordered is delivered. check out our state of the art sunbeds
3/  If you are dealing with a reputable company they will not mind you asking questions about the sunbed you are enquiring about. This might include how old the bed is, when were the tubes last changed and how many hours the current tubes have been used. A good sunbed operator will know all this information and when the bed is delivered check to see if there is an hour counter on the machine that records tube usage, does this correspond to what you were told. Tubes in home hire sunbeds generally last for up to 800 hours but good operators will tend to change their bulbs every 500-600 hours to ensure their customers are getting the tan they are after.
4/ Check out customer reviews a good sunbed company who updates their fleet and looks after their machines will have plenty of past and current happy customers.
5/ Ask friends and family if they have used a sunbed company recently. Nothing inspires more confidence than a recommendation from someone who has already experienced the product and service the company provided.
6/ If all fails and you are not happy with the sunbed simply refuse to accept delivery. Even if it has been set up ask for it to be dismantled and taken away, remember the sunbed company are probably working on the assumption once it is set up you won’t have the nerve to reject it….. don’t fall for it
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