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Mark Culf

Wanted to write more than just a review after my recent experience. I have had mild psoriasis most of my life, but not severe enough to go through a light treatment programme at the hospital. I have tried various creams and ointments with little effect. Four weeks ago I came across Anytime UVB Home Treatment, this product is simply amazing, and I am now psoriasis free for the first time as far back as I can remember. Anybody unsure about home treatment I urge to take a leap of faith the results are worth it. One word of advice is to follow the instructions which were explained thoroughly on delivery of the unit step by step and do not deviate and try to increase treatment times to quickly, steady is better guys no need to rush

Richard Allsopp

After suffering from Psoriasis for over 25 years I’ve tried most things Steroid Creams Moisturising Creams Tablets and Hospital Light Treatment, But after my recent flare up I could not make the Hospital times. Paul at Anytime UVB came to my rescue the professionalism he showed was outstanding he ran through all aspects of the UVB treatment and also followed up and how I was during my 4 weeks hire with compassion and understanding the results speak for themselves nearly 100% Clear at present but when the next flare up happens I will be on the phone to Paul with out a second thought. I will post before and after pictures shortly. Thanks Paul at Anytime UVB.

Ally Lay

A great a friendly service. Like many others I suffer with outbreaks of dry skin on my legs abs elbows.Iv been so embarrassed and I have tried everything . It’s effected My confidence and generally made my life a misery. I have to say after a few sessions with this treatment they had been a massive improvement. I can get away now using it once a month. I’m so happy and can not wait for the summer now !!

Andrew Jobi Robinson

Had a really bad flare up of psoriasis and looked into hiring a uvb sunbed to clear it . so glad with my choice . Paul delivered my light bed within a couple of days . brilliant service . clean fully working unit . thank you the photos are when I started using it , after one week , then after 2 weeks . by this point it was virtually gone and most importantly no more pain . I continued to use it until the end of the treatment and now I only have marks where it was . no more psoriasis

Claire Sleightholm

Very professional service. I would recommend and will definitely be using again. Lots of knowledge around psoriasis and the UVB beds. Reliable on delivery and collection times. Thanks again.

P Goddard

fab… Excellent service and they really do work… Thank You

J Shaw

Hospital standard UV light treatment for Psoriasis – Paul was a pleasure to deal with. The UV narrowband lamp is the same as that used in Hospital so caution is needed as they are incredibly strong but do the job like no other treatment – & without steroid creams which only cause flare ups after or immune suppressants which come with a whole host of awful side effects. The UVB lamp totally cleared my skin which felt fabulous. I shall look forward to hiring from Anytime UVB again. I’ve had psoriasis for 30 years & this is the quickest & easiest way to clear my skin, no nasty creams or pills, no time consuming inconvenient trips into hospital. Thanks so much Paul. Looking forward to seeing you next time I need to clear my skin.

Kerry Higgins

Paul at Anytime Sunbeds was brilliant. He was easy to talk to, went out of his way to deliver the UVB narrowband lamp, and explained very carefully about how to use it. (It’s really important to listen to his advice as the lamps are very strong – less is more approach is best! You also need to build up the usage of it slowly.) I’ve had several episodes of Psoriasis over 20 years and this is the quickest and least stressful method of treatment. I’ve used UVB lamps before at hospital and whilst they do the same thing, the results are much quicker because you don’t have to wait for months to access the treatment. In the past when I’ve finally received treatment at the hospital I’ve still had to go three times a week, which at times is difficult to fit around work and a young family. Having the UVB lamp at home was definitely more convenient and less hassle. I would thoroughly recommend Anytime UVB Light Treatment to anyone suffering with psoriasis. Paul genuinely seems to care about providing this service and does an excellent job. Thank you for your help.

Jamie Wall

Used a psoriasis unit for 8 weeks, couldn’t have asked for better service, received calls throughout my home treatment to see how I was going on, I had psoriasis severe and after my home treatment it is totally cleared, would 100% recommend anyone suffering to contact this company.

Glenn Rogers

Was really impressed with the service and the results. Delivered and set up, then collected once I’d finished (9 weeks later). Very friendly guy and easy payment. Definitely worth the money as waiting for hospital treatment was way too long. Same uvb bulbs as hospital machines and skin cleared quickly. Fantastic – thanks

Jo Daley

Very friendly and reliable, So much easier than hospital treatment and with the same result.Really impressed with the units and would recommend this company to anyone suffering with psoriasis and considering light treatment. Thanks Paul

Leah Culf

Anytime UVB have made my life so much easier. Having the option to have the treatment in my own home allows me the freedom I need to live a normal life. Paul was helpful through out my treatment time and even popped in to check everything was ok which shows his passion and he goes above and beyond. I would recommend UVB to anyone thinking of trying UVB light therapy.

T Lowe

Overjoyed with the results of my treatment. Psoriasis free for the first time in years, and it feels wonderful. So happy I have found this company, this is going to make a big difference to my life. Would highly recommend this company to anyone with psoriasis contemplating light treatment.

P Barns

Hired a unit once before from another company in Derbyshire but the units weren’t fitted with Philips tubes and did very little clearing my psoriasis. Just completed a nine week and I am about 95% psoriasis free, just a few stubborn spots on my legs left, but over the moon with the results.Will definitely use again and would highly recommend.

Andrew Jobi Robinson‎

After year’s of suffering with severe psoriasis 98% body coverage! Endless trip’s to Hospital, specialist’s dermatology finally found Paul at Anytime sunbeds! Wow top guy loads of advice and and now completely psoriasis free! The psoriasis bed I used has the same tube’s as Hospital light therapy treatment, after just 4 weeks , starting with 15 seconds gradually to 2 minutes at the end of 4 week’s I’m completely clear ready for my Holiday! Will be using again as soon as signs of psoriasis starts , but now I’ve found a treatment that I can count on in the comfort of my Home – would recommend in a heartbeat! Cheers Paul

Duane Beaumont‎

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