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  • You are pregnant
  • You are under 18
  • You are taking medications or using creams which may sensitise your skin to sunlight
  • You have a history of sunburn; especially in childhood
  • you have a large number of moles

No, but they can certainly enhance the results. Different lotions are formulated with a variety of ingredients and each product is unique, however they generally include skin nutrients and components to encourage the skins natural production of melanin (pigment) and also often function as moisturisers to maintain the skin’s healthy appearance and feel. Moisturisers are recognised as the single most important factor in maintaining your skin’s tanning potential and to prevent the drying that often occurs with exposure to Ultraviolet light.

See our Tanning Accelerator Guide.

  • Remove all jewellery before your tanning session
  • Don’t have more than one session per day
  • Don’t exceed recommended times of more than 10 minutes per day
  • Don’t sunbath on the same day as using a sunbed
  • Always wear the googles provided with the sunbed unit

That’s for you to decide. Some tanners prefer a no-tan- line look and tan bare, and others prefer to wear bathing suits or underwear. If you’re tanning a part of your body that hasn’t been previously exposed and is much lighter than other parts, we recommend that you cover these areas during part of your tanning session, or wear a sun block on those areas to allow them to catch up with the rest of your skin without burning.

All our units are fitted with dual timers which need to be set separately to operate. The unit will automatically switch off when time is up.

View details of all our sunbeds here.

The well being and safety of all our customers is very important to us. We sincerely hope once you have experienced our service and the quality of our sunbeds you will be a returning customer for many years to come. To ensure your experience of using our sunbeds is a pleasurable one please refer to our Health & Safety FAQ above and our blog page which covers all aspects of the tanning process including

How you tan –
Ultimate tanning guide  –
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Goggle Safety –

skin typesWhat Skin Type Are You ?

Before you start any tanning session it is important you identify what skin type you are, as this will determine whether or not your skin is suitable for tanning and also how long your skin can be exposed to UV light before it starts to burn.

People with skin type 1 should not use a sunbed under any circumstances. To see our full information on skin types and exposure times please refer to our Skin Types page.

How Do You Tan In Natural Sunlight ?

A good rule of thumb is “how do you tan in natural sunlight”, if you tan easily a sunbed will give you a good tan. However if your skin does not react well to natural sunlight it will tan no better on a sunbed, no matter how many sessions you have.



sunbedsBenefits of Using A Sunbed

There is much evidence to support that sensible use of sunbeds can have many benefits including :

* stimulating vitamin D production which contributes to healthy bones
* improving wellbeing which helps to combat conditions such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

No Link to Melanoma

After many years of scare stories in January 2018 the Sunbed Association released newly published scientific research concluding there was no link between melanoma and sensible, controlled sunbed use. To read the full article please press the link to our blog.

However for many years there has also been conflicting information with regards to the use of sunbeds. As a responsible home tanning provider Anytime Sunbeds Ltd encourage all our customers who are interested in hiring a sunbed to evaluate all the facts before deciding if home tanning is right for you.

sunbed rentalsTo provide you with an unbiased view we have listed below a number of websites / links / articles.

Links that support sensible sunbed use not being dangerous or linked to cancer and also possible benefits:

Links to, The NHS and the World Health Organisation debating the potential health risks of overexposure to UV light and sunbed use:

And finally Wikipedia for a totally unbiased balanced opinion

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