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We can deliver a sunbed to our designated areas usually within 24hrs but during peak season Mar-Sept it is advised you book well in advance to ensure you can get the sunbed you require at the time you want

We provide our sunbed hire service in Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster, Chesterfield, and the surrounding areas.

If you are unsure if we cover your area, please feel free to contact us.

We offer FREE deliver on all our home hire beds in our normal delivery areas. (Please see map of our delivery area)

Our opening times are:

  • Mon-Fri 9am – 8pm
  • Sat – Sun 9am – 5pm

We will work with you to accommodate a time slot that is convenient to you and can usually guarantee a time within a specific hourly slot

Eye protection must be worn and goggles are supplied FREE of charge with the delivery of your sunbed.

A Tanning accelerator can also be purchased when ordering your sunbed and will be delivered with your sunbed. If you need help deciding which accelerator you should go with, please check out our tanning accelerator guide.

You can pay cash on the day of delivery, or credit/debit card over the phone or by bank transfer.

We supply vertical sunbeds which require less than 1m square of space and canopy sunbeds which are usually placed over a bed when in use and folded away upright when not in use.

That’s for you to decide. Some tanners prefer a no-tan- line look and tan bare, and others prefer to wear bathing suits or underwear.

If you’re tanning a part of your body that hasn’t been previously exposed and is much lighter than other parts, we recommend that you cover these areas during part of your tanning session, or wear a sun block on those areas to allow them to catch up with the rest of your skin without burning.

This is extremely rare but bulbs can go just like a common light bulb. If something does go wrong please call us and we will aim to replace the faulty part within 24hrs, or supply you with another unit if possible.

We will call you a week before your hire period is about to end to discuss if you want to extend etc but depending on the time of the year 48hrs is appreciated or in peak season Mar-Sept as soon as you are aware you would like to extend.

To hire a sunbed from Anytime Sunbeds you need to be living within our delivery area. For long term hire we might consider to deliver further away.

You will also need:

  • To be over 18 years of age
  • To be able to provide if asked, two proofs of ID. One of them should include a photo, which could be a passport or a driving license. The other proof should be something with your name and address on like a utility bill.
  • To be living at the delivery address.
  • To provide your mobile phone number.

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