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Tanning Accelerator Guide

Deciding to hire a home hire sunbed can be a daunting experience for anyone who’s new to the tanning world. Questioning what type of sunbed is best, which type of UV protection goggles to choose, how many tanning minutes should do? You then see the choice of tanning accelerators to choose from and your mind goes into overdrive. 

Most people haven’t got a clue which one will benefit them the most. At Anytime Sunbeds we are here to give you the low down on tanning accelerators. 

What is a tanning accelerator

Tanning accelerators are specifically developed for use before and after using a sunbed. They enhance and accelerate the tanning experience by stimulating the melanin production (the pigment that gives your skin its colour – the more melanin, the darker your tan will become) within your skin to bring out your natural colour faster.

Not only does it help produce tans faster, it also contains skin-enriching vitamins and oils that leave your skin smooth and soft.

Is it safe to use a tanning accelerator?

To answer this question, you need to know the following;

  • What type of accelerator are you using?
  • How are you using it?
  • Where are you using it?
  • What are the ingredients?
  • Is it safe for you (allergies etc.)
  • Is it approved for use?

In addition to the above, it is also recommended to select one where SPF (Sun Protection Factor) can also be used before applying the accelerator.

How do you apply a tanning accelerator

To make effective use of the tanning accelerator, use it before and after using the sunbed. 30 minutes before using the sunbed, exfoliate and apply the accelerator evenly onto all of the skin. 

After using the sunbed, apply the accelerator to the tanned skin 1-2 times per day in order to prolong the tan. When applying the accelerator after using a sunbed, please wait at least 2 hours before showering.

How to choose the right tan accelerator and sunbed cream

Finding the right accelerator or cream for you can be tricky; each person can react differently to products depending on their skin type (pale, olive, etc.), allergies, tanning goals (need immediate results, building a base tan, increasing vitamin D levels), etc. 

If you are new to tanning or have pale sensitive skin we would recommend starting with an accelerator maximising lotion. Most of these lotions contain anti-aging ingredients such as CoQ-10. This product is perfect for building a base tan and contains no bronzer or tingle elements. Pro Tan Radically hemp or Pro Tan Perfectly pink are our recommendations for beginners, pale/sensitive and or dry flaky skin.  

If you’re wanting instant results then a bronzer lotion is for you. Bronzer lotion combines DHA to give you darker longer lasting results. Like any tan product, make sure you apply evenly. You can use a tanning mitt if you wish and just like you would when fake tanning, please wash hands.   

If you’re an experienced tanner who wants to be a tanned goddess, try the Tingle Lotions. These lotions cause a slight tingling sensation and bring blood to the skin surface and oxygen. This affects your skin’s melanin, making your skin even darker. 

Please Note: Tingling lotions are not recommended for tanning beginners or those with sensitive skin

When looking for your ideal product, look for something that suits your skin type and the level of tan you are looking to achieve. If you are unsure about which one is right for you, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

What are the usual ingredients in a tanning accelerator and why?
Most tanning accelerators contain a variety of ingredients for various reasons. Some of the ingredients can be seen below.

Ingredient Reasons
Hemp Seed Oil Nourishes and moisturises your skin leaving it smooth and flawless
Caffeine Caffeine reduces puffiness and will also energise your skin.
Silicon A moisturising mineral that will help condition skin.
Beta Carotene AKA Vitamin A. It enhances pigment colouration in your skin.
DHA A chemical ingredient that produces a brown colour when it comes into contact with skin. The higher the DHA, the darker the tan.
Vitamin E Makes skin softer and will also reduce the visibility of lines and wrinkles.
Aloe Vera Soothes and calms the skin.
Monoi De Tahiti Oil Makes the skin softer and naturally protects it from the harmful effects of the sun and the sea salt.
Coconut Oil Hydrates the skin to make it silky smooth.

Other statements you may see listed include

Statements Reason
Body Blush:. For those who want a tingling effect, but have sensitive skin
Anti-Aging:. These lotions contain added vitamins help combat ageing skin
Shimmer:  These lotions contain glimmering additives to give your skin reflective properties for added glow.
Tingle Lotions: These lotions contain Benzyl Nicotinate that cause a slight tingling sensation on the skin. The effect of the tingling is that it brings blood to the skin surface and oxygen., affecting your skin’s melanin which makes your tan darker.

Please Note:
Some tanning accelerators are simply moisturisers and nothing else. They claim to be a tanning accelerator on the premise that moisturised skin tans better.

A good tanning accelerator will include ingredients that protect your skin from UV rays as well as nourish it. Furthermore, they will also contain ingredients that your skin requires in order to produce more melanin (what makes you tan) such as L-tyrosine which is a major building block for melanin, and other ingredients, such as fatty acids found in natural oils and other natural extracts, that are crucial for  your skin and skin repair. 


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