Getting a tan for Christmas

There’s no denying it that for the majority of women and men, that having a tan makes you feel better about yourself. Normally in winter I am pale white, meaning I reach for my skinny tan and applicator and apply a layer of fake tan. Once dry I am left with a non-human looking colour filled with patches and streaks which needless to say was not the desired look.

This year I decided to try a sunbed, yes at first I was sceptical with all the health warnings etc but what can’t you do these days without it affecting you in some way. I researched some tips for safety and was ready to find some where to go. I simply typed in ‘Sunbed hire Sheffield‘, a variety of local salons popped up, then I saw sunbed hire. As I had previously hired a UVB unit from Anytime Sunbeds earlier in the year it seemed a logical choice to give them a call again. I didn’t want to travel back and forth to salons, pay by minutes and knowing how red I get when I’m hot or been working out (which is rare) I wanted to spare myself the embarrassment.

After plucking up the courage to dial the number I got through to Paul who instantly recognised me and put me at ease. I explained I had never used a sunbed at home. After deciding on a date for delivery I was ready. I forgot to mention that the reason I wanted to look tanned was my Christmas work do creeping up. I’d booked in my hair for a total restyle and wanted to look hot! (No pun intended). I had 8 weeks to prepare, and I wanted to do this the right way, I told Paul my reasons and he suggested I try some creams to help boost my tan. Starting off the sunbed I got was the Black Shadow?????


Paul explained this sunbed was good for people who haven’t used sunbeds before, he said this was good to build a base tan and isn’t as hot as the others he has. As I was a little apprehensive I wanted to start my tanning experience correctly and use what is best for my skin tone. I also purchased the Body Butter Karat cream which I absolutely loved! not only does this cream firm your skin and leave it super soft, it smells amazing and seeps straight in to your skin which Is something I actually look for in a cream. Paul gave me a good rota to stick to, 3 to 4 times per week, start at 5 minutes then as I feel more confident, up my time gradually. I noticed a difference straight away especially on my face as my freckles appeared immediately. I forgot this happens when I’m in the sun (as it had been ages since I had been on holiday) To me, I think they’re cute, so I felt that feeling you have when your tanned on holiday, however this was in my back room, ha-ha who knew.

This sunbed was cool, literally, the fans blowing air out at me which left me feeling calm and relaxed, I thought it would be quite claustrophobic but I was totally chilled and I believe this was thanks to the fans and an epic RNB mix on Spotify.

I continued with this regime for about 4 weeks in total and even though I was tanned I wanted to be a bit darker. When Paul came to collect the sunbed I asked him about the different types of beds he has. Within a week I agreed to rent the VX vertical sunbed. I again purchased some other creams to ‘accelerate’ my final three/four weeks of tanning before my work’s do.

So I thought the first sun bed was good, this new sunbed took my tanning to a whole other level. People at work were asking if I’d be on holiday, almost every day someone different said I looked tanned. Yes!!!! This is what I wanted a real tan that will stay longer than a few days. I had 4 different creams this time, I wanted to make sure my skin was moisturised and if they helped the tan then why not. I even got one specifically for your face, I am a firm believer that you should always use a face cream and it’s a special type of skin?


By this time you could see a true difference and I couldn’t have been happier! The sheer joy of having this device in my own home and being able to see the results made it the best £200 I’ve ever spent, plus the £30 for the enhancing creams. To me the creams are a must, I have dry skin anyway but the effect they have plus the conditioning of the skin seems a no brainer.

My fave cream was the Australian Gold Accelerator extreme. This cream had a slight bronzer in it so 1 week prior to my work do I used this every time I went on the bed. Visions of a bronzed goddess came to mind so this was my motivation to use it. Immediately you could tell I looked Darker, and I found this cream very hydrating which my skin lapped up, it has to be said the Coconut smell of it is


The facial cream Australian Gold smooth faces was the facial cream I used every treatment. It also helped to give me a golden glow while controlling oil leaving no unwanted shine. It’s a light cream with all the benefits for tanning. I also use this cream as my daily moisturiser also, beats Olay 😉

As my work do was swiftly approaching it was time to say goodbye to Mr Sun. As I work 9-5 Paul came to collect the sun bed whilst I was at work. When I returned I was greeted by a sad empty looking room. (I GENUINELY MISS THE SUNBED) My work do came and with a mixture of tequila and compliments my mission was complete. Even now 4 weeks later people are still saying how tanned I look.

The next big event to prepare for is my wedding!!! I will be calling Paul again!!

Thanks Anytime Sunbeds


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