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We have the capability to cater for individual tanning requirements via our wide range of sunbeds to hire within Sheffield and the surrounding areas.


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Sheffield sunbed hire with Free Delivery & Installation

All sunbeds available for hire throughout Sheffield are state of the art with many luxury features built in, including 0.3 tubes that deliver the same tanning effect as the mid-day Mediterranean summer sun but without the risk of burning. View our sunbed range for more information.

We provide free delivery, goggles that must be worn when using the sunbed, installation, and a user guide with all our Sheffield Sunbed Hire orders. Furthermore, our Sunbeds can be set up in most rooms throughout your property/outbuildings, downstairs or upstairs, allowing any room can become your own personal salon.

Upon arrival, our delivery driver will be happy to demonstrate how to use the sunbed and discuss where your sunbed can be set up.

Why hire a sunbed for home use?

Hiring a sunbed may appear to be more expensive than attending a tanning salon.

However, tanning salons usually charge on time, with the usual timings being between 30-40 minutes. Therefore, hiring a sunbed provides a significant saving especially if you are a frequent sunbed user, and even more if other people in your household are also sunbed users.

For more information on whether to hire a sunbed or attend a salon, take a look at this specific article. Alternatively, take a look at this article to discover how sunbeds work.

Who are Anytime Sunbeds?

We are a specialist sunbed hire company that provides state of the art, next generation sunbeds for use in the comfort of your home.

All of our sunbeds are fitted with Philips TL01 narrowband tubes. These tubes are 0.3 EU compliant and deliver the same tanning effect as the mid-day Mediterranean summer sun but without the risk of burning and resulting in

  • Your tan will be deeper and longer-lasting
  • The tanning process is kinder to your skin
  • The risk of over-exposure or burning is effectively eliminated

To ensure the quality of your tan, we continually update our sunbed hire fleet and replace all sunbed tubes after 400 hours (50% usage).

As well as offering the latest sunbeds for hire throughout Sheffield, we also cater for the following regions

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If you would like more information about who we are, how we can help you get the tan you want, or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

How do I use the sunbed safely?

Know your skin:

The first step in using a sunbed safely starts with knowing your skin type and tanning abilities. Knowing your skin type will allow you to determine the amount of natural protection you have against ultraviolet light (UV), how many sessions are needed to establish a base tan, and how long each tanning session can last. Click here for more information.


ALWAYS WEAR GOGGLES. Your eyes need protecting from the UV rays so it’s vital that you take advantage of the goggles to give the best protection possible. Simply closing your eyes doesn’t offer the full protection your eyes deserve and need. The skin on the eyelids is thin and delicate. If you avoid using eye protection, you are leaving yourself at risk of developing benign eye growths called pterygium. Click here for more information about which goggles to use.

Preparation is key to a great tan:

Using a tanning accelerator will help you tan faster and look after your skin.

Many tanning accelerators are specifically developed for use before and after using a sunbed. They enhance and accelerate the tanning experience by stimulating the melanin production (the pigment that gives your skin its colour – the more melanin, the darker your tan will become) within your skin to bring out your natural colour faster.

Not only does it help produce tans faster, it also contains skin-enriching vitamins and oils that leave your skin smooth and soft. For help on selecting the right tanning accelerator for you, please view this article.


What clothing to wear is largely a matter of personal preference. Some ladies prefer to wear bikinis while guys prefer to wear short hipster-style boxers or swimming trunks.

Women who prefer to escape the dreadful strapline that comes with wearing a traditional bra may consider strapless bras. Of course, you are allowed to enter completely naked, but be advised that your sensitive spots are likely to burn quickly.

Sheffield Sunbed Hire: Locations

We offer our sunbed hire service to the following Sheffield locations:

S1 Sheffield City Centre
S2 Arbourthorne, Heeley, Highfield, Manor, Norfolk Park, Wybourn, Park Hill
S3 Broomhall, Burngreave, Neepsend, Netherthorpe
S4 Grimesthorpe,
S5 Firth Park, Fir Vale, Longley, Shirecliffe, Shiregreen, Southey Green, Parson Cross
S6 Bradfield, Dungworth, Hillsborough, Holdworth, Hollow Meadows, Loxley, Malin Bridge, Middlewood, Stannington, Storrs, Upperthorpe, Walkley, Wadsley Bridge, Wisewood, Wadsley, Fox Hill,
S7 Abbeydale, Carter Knowle, Nether Edge, Millhouses
S8 Batemoor, Beauchief, Greenhill, Jordanthorpe, Meersbrook, Norton, Norton Lees, Woodseats
S9 Attercliffe, Brightside, Darnall, Meadowhall, Tinsley, Wincobank
S10 Broomhill, Broomhall, Crookes, Crookesmoor, Crosspool, Fulwood, Ranmoor
S11 Ecclesall, Endcliffe Park, Ecclesall Road, Greystones, Hunter’s Bar, Millhouses, Sharrow Vale, Nether Edge, Whirlow, Brincliffe
S12 Birley, Gleadless, Gleadless Townend, Frecheville, Hackenthorpe, Intake, Ridgeway
S13 Handsworth, Richmond, Woodhouse
S14 Gleadless Valley
S17 Dore, Totley, Bradway

Please Note:
If your area is not listed above, please call us on 0114 2051818 to discuss your sunbed hire requirements, and to see if we can cover your post code.

To see which areas of Sheffield we cover, please refer to the map above.

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