Decisions- sunbed hire v salon


A holiday or special occasion is fast approaching and you have an important decision, hire a sun bed or use your local salon for your pre holiday tan. The decision to rent a sunbed for a specific time or get your tanning sessions from a local sunbed salon used to be an easy choice. Home hire sun beds were not the same quality as commercial salon sun beds, plus there weren’t many sunbed hire companies around who supplied home tanning sunbeds. A trip to the local sun bed shop was probably the easiest option.

As the goal posts have moved in favour of home sunbed hire, we can now take a look at the advantages of tanning at home verses visiting a local sunbed salon in the South Yorkshire region.

In January 2018 the sunbed hire market received a major boost when the voice of the industry The Sun bed Association released breaking news regarding new research that confirmed there was NO LINK to sunbed use and Melanoma. 

Other organisations have followed suite – no definitive casual link between sunbed use and malignant melanoma
This has coincided with the busiest opening to the sunbed hire season in the last 15 years. 
It has also seen three new sunbed companies start up in Sheffield, as well as others in Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster. New product innovation has not only brought new products to the home sunbed hire market, but the introduction of 0.3 safe tanning bulbs and new legislation has levelled the playing field. Tanning salons have had to fall in line and ensure all their commercial sunbeds are 0.3 compliant. Gone are the days when the pull of visiting a sunbed salon was to use one of their super strength high powered sunbeds.

So what exactly are the benefits of home tanning and why is home sunbed hire experiencing a major re-birth.

A major factor is people’s lives are getting busier, organising their day around visiting a salon is getting harder to fit into their schedules. Searching for parking spaces, having to queue to use the sunbed and finish in time for the next customer. The whole experience is starting to feel binding.

In contrast opting for tanning at home,

you tan in the comfort of your own home
where you want, when you want
first thing in the morning
or last thing at night

there’s no one to tell you, you have missed your allocated slot or to hurry up as they are running behind schedule. There’s also no tokens to purchase, the whole process is easy and when you have finished  there’s no feeling uncomfortable about putting clothes back onto a hot sweaty body, you can just jump straight in the shower.

It is not difficult to see why home tanning is making a comeback, as believe it or not very few people actually like the process, they just want to get it over with as quickly as possible. The benefit of hiring a sun bed at home just means they can achieve that and coupled with the introduction of new energy efficient 0.3 sunbeds the running cost of a sun bed has been drastically reduced.

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Our Sunbeds

So it looks as though the tables have turned and for the time being “hire a sun bed or use a sunbed salon” is once again an easy choice – THE SALON NOW COMES TO YOU


Organising your day around visiting the sun bed salon
Hassle to find a parking space
Queing to use a sunbed in the salon
Purchasing minutes to tan
Putting clothes back onto a hot sweaty body
Missing a tanning session because you don’t have time


Tan in the comfort of your home
Tan at a time convenient to you
Never miss another tanning session
low running costs with energy efficient 0.3 sun beds
Receive a daily dose of Vitamin D

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