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What is the electricity cost of running a home hire sunbed ?
Ask one hundred people what the electricity cost is to run a home hire sunbed and you will get 100 hundred different answers, with the majority saying it costs a fortune and sunbeds burn electricity. So here are the facts and figures for 3 popular sunbeds, the VX240 and 2 new 0.3 compliant safe tanning sunbeds, housing 80 watt tubes
How Is Electricity Calculated ?
Electricity is sold in kilowatt hours (kWh), so for simplicity a 10 bulb 100 watt sunbed is using 1000 watts for 1 hour (1KW)
For this example we are assuming electricity is charged at 16p per Kw each hour. 
240 watt – 24 Tube VX240
24 x 240 watts = 5760W = 5.76 KW
At 16p per Kw/hour it costs to run 1KW for 1 hour                  Approx 16p for every                                                                                                                                10 minutes use
So 11.52p for an hour at 0.72KW 
So 15.36p for 5.76 KW for 10 minutes


0.3 – 24 Tube Black Shadow Vertical
24 x 80 watts = 1920W = 1.92 KW
At 16p per Kw/hour it costs to run 1KW for 1 hour                  Approx 6p for every                                                                                                                                 10 minutes use             
So 30.7p for an hour at 1.92KW 
So 5.12p for 1.92 KW for 10 minutes
0.3 – 9 Tube Elite Electronic Canopy
9 x 80 watts = 720W = 0.72 KW
At 16p per Kw/hour it costs to run 1KW for 1 hour                  Approx 2p for every                                                                                                                                 10 minutes use 
So 11.52p for an hour at 0.72KW 
So 1.92p for 1.72 KW for 10 minutes
So the electricity cost associated with a home hire sunbed is not as expensive as many people believe, especially if it is a new 0.3 electronic sunbed which are far more energy efficient than traditional sunbeds. press here to see our range of 0.3 sunbeds 
To calculate your own personal usage / costings, please refer to your own electricity bill as the cost for 1kw per hour will depend on the current supplier you use.
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