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Melanoma and sunbed use not linked

The Sunbed Association announces major news for Sunbed Industry detailing new published scientific research concluding no link between melanoma and sunbed use 01/31/2018 

The sunbed industry greeted the announcement as a fantastic boost for the industry. After years of scare stories linking sunbed use and melanoma this research finally refutes conflicting reports issued by the World Health Organisation and the EU.

New medical data concluded that there is no proven connection that could be found between increased melanoma risk and conservative sunbed use.

Gary Lipman, Chairman of The Sunbed Association announced “this detailed and thorough review concluded what many in the industry have always thought to be true. But the authorities and governing bodies have regularly denounced responsible sunbed use while continuely linking the increased risk to melanoma.”

The review also identified how flawed studies and reports have been used as a tool to determine legislation and constantly denounce the Sunbed Industry. Lipman concluded that the industry had been an easy target for the anti tanning lobby and he will be demanding an immediate enquiry by all public and charitable institutions who have advertised and broadcast a link between sunbed use and melanoma.

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