J Bell – Sheffield

J Bell Sheffield

Age – 54

My psoriasis is usually small spots on my elbows and one or two spots on my body when I was pregnant. This hasnt usually bothered me as it is very mild and only a few spots. Over the years I have learnt to live with it and let it disappear on its own.

On this occasion I was covered in small spots all over my legs and body with a few on my face along my hair line.

This has had a massive impact on my life. I am a dental nurse and was asked to wear sleeves under my uniform as my arms looked that bad. I had also stopped going to the gym, taking my grandaughter to the swimming baths and wearing dresses unless I wear tick tights.

I have tried various creams, lotions and shampoos. Steroid lotions I found cleared my psoriasis but it just came back when I stopped using it and on many occasions worse than the previous time. Shampoos haven’t cleared my psoriasis in my hair but it has kept it under control.

I had never had UVB light treatment before as I was not aware of it. I am ex forces so when I was living abroad in warmer climates I never suffered with psoriasis. I did go to my local doctors and ask for a referral for light treatment but was informed it would take 3 to 12 months before I could be offered it. After much research on the internet I came across Anytime Sunbeds home UVB light treatment and booked an an 8 week treatment.

The results of the home treatment were fantastic. My arms and trunk cleared up very quickly but my legs were a little more stubborn so extended it a further 2 weeks to clear the psoriasis totally.

On delivery of the light unit a full user demonstration was provided with strict instructions to keep to the recommended timings per treatment. As I have not had light treatment before I was very apprehensive but I was guided very carefully on how to use the light unit, to commence treatment at the lowest timings and to build up gradually. I now understand why it is so important to start slowly and build up your treatment times gradually.

I used the light unit every other day, starting with 20 second sessions front and back which I built up to 1minute 50 seconds. I did go on the unit for longer but found I was starting to burn so reduced it back to 1minute 50 seconds for the rest of my treatment which I found was ok. I was told everyones tolerance is different, mine was 1 minute 50.

I moisturised after every treatment which is very important as it does dry out your skin, but after the sixth week I found my normal moisturiser wasn’t working so well so I switched to showering after each treatment using an emollient and then using baby oil or body shop hemp body butter cream.

Now the treatment is complete I have my old confident self back and am looking forward to our family holiday which previously I was dreading. I still have some small purple spots on my thighs but I can cope with those and know the sun will help clear them up when we are away. Psoriasis had previously stopped me doing so much and now I feel my life is back on track.

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