What is UVB Light Treatment

UVB Light Treatment – What is it?

UVB Light Treatment – The No1 Treatment for Psoriasis
It is now accepted by the medical profession, that UVB light treatment is the number one treatment for the condition of psoriasis. Ultraviolet light B or UVB, is exposed to the skin and slows down the rapid acceleration / growth of skin cells, associated with psoriasis.

There are two different types of UVB light treatment, broadband and narrowband

Broadband UVB
Wavelengths are administered within a range of 280-320nm (nanometres)

Narrowband UVB
Wavelengths are administered at the therapeutic wavelength of 311 – 312nm

For many years Broadband UVB which uses the full spectrum of radiation, was considered and used as the main treatment of psoriasis. But in recent years research has shown that Narrowband UVB administered around 311nm is a more effective treatment of psoriasis as:

* harmful wavelengths are minimised, resulting in less side effects
* more intensive wavelengths result in shorter treatment sessions
* clears psoriasis faster & results in longer remission periods
* overall is a more effective treatment of psoriasis & other skin
* conditions including dermatitis, vitiligo eczema and achne.

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Although the treatment is extremely effective and provides life changing relief for psoriasis sufferers, many people find it difficult to get access to it. Free narrowband treatment is only available through hospitals and for many people the whole process is too restrictive. The treatment course takes months just to get referred. Once accepted the treatment runs for approximately 8 -10 weeks and involves patients attending hospital every second day at a specific time. If a patient misses a single appointment there is a chance they can be struck off. This restrictive process basically means light treatment can be difficult to access for people;

* in full time employment
* shift workers, people who work with children
* people who rely on others for transport
* people who live in rural areas

Anyone wanting to attend a light treatment course, is going to require a lot of time off work or very understanding employers. Ultimately this is not an option many people can take on a regular basis, and recent government tightening of budgets has resulted in light treatment through the NHS being made available only for the more severe cases of people suffering with the condition.

This has lead to much frustration amongst psoriasis sufferers. The impact on them can be devastating, affecting both their confidence and lifestyle. It restricts what they can wear, as they often cover up affected areas of the body and also can limit where they want to go. To have an effective treatment that is not easily accessible is extremely frustrating for sufferers. The condition affects approximately 2 % of the population and has a far reaching impact.

UVB Light Therapy Home Treatment

This is a topic which will be covered in more detail in another blog shortly, but there are a few options of hiring psoriasis beds for home treatment from a few hire companies around the UK.  However the tubes in the psoriasis units have to be Philips TL01 narrowband tubes ( the same tubes used in hospitals). If they are anything but Philips tubes the effectiveness of the unit is very limited. Philips TL01 narrowband tubes are the only certified tube in the UK for the treatment of psoriasis.

Where you live in the UK though basically determines whether you have access to home treatment. If you live in the South Yorkshire area psoriasis sufferers are fortunate enough to have access to home treatment provided by Anytime Sunbeds Ltd.  Anytime are the only suppliers of psoriasis units fitted with Philips TL01 tubes and cover all the South Yorkshire area including Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster. All light units are made at one of the United Kingdom’s largest sunbed manufacturer’s  guaranteeing the customer with hospital standard UVB light Treatment.

UVB light treatment is brought to you in the comfort of your own home. Press here to see our UVB light canopies available for hire.

The link below is an article from Wales online, in support of Home UVB Light Treatment


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