Sunbeds how do they actually work?

Sunbeds are a big part of many people’s life with recent statistics claiming approximately ten percent of the population of Northern Europe use sunbeds on a regular basis for tanning purposes. Over the last ten years sunbed use in the United Kingdom has seen a major increase in home tanning as celebrities such as Joey Essex and Cheryl Cole have endorsed the tanned healthy glow.

But how do sunbeds actually work and how do they mimic the sun ?

There are 2 types of radiation that reach the earth UVB and UVA rays. Approximately 95% of sun-light is made up of UVA rays which causes the skin to age and 5% is UVB rays which causes the skin to burn. Fluorescent tubes in sunbeds tan the skin by emitting UV Rays, the same type of radiation that is found in natural sunlight.

New 0.3 safe tanning sunbeds have scientifically altered the way fluorescent tubes that tan the human body by  increasing UVA rays emitted by tubes which travel deeper into the skin and produce Melanin. The more Melanin a person has in their skin the better they will tan. The have also decreased the UVB rays emitted by the tubes resulting in it being much more difficult to burn on a new 0.3 tanning machine. It does take slightly longer to tan but the tan is much deeper and longer lasting as well as being much kinder to the person’s skin

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On average ten minutes of Mediterranean sun has the same effect on a person’s skin as ten minutes use on a sunbed. Natural sunlight also promotes the body’s production of Vitamin D, and can also have a positive effect on skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema. Over exposure to sunlight can be dangerous and browning of the skin (tanning) is our body’s way of protecting itself from further UV damage.

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Safe Tanning 0.3 explained

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